Course Handover

What is Course Handover?

Course handover is a process of  identifying and communicating information needed by a new course coordinator to effectively teach and manage their new course. To support this process the CHATTS tool has been developed to guide a discussion between an outgoing course coordinator (or other person who is knowledgeable about the course), and the incoming course coordinator.

Brief outline of the tool’s components (CHATTS)

 C Context A course is positioned within the context of a program or programs. In this section the person responsible for the program should explain the purpose of the course, how it links with other courses in the program, and how it forms an integral component of the program.
 H Handover process The tool is designed to facilitate conversations between a person who understands the course, such as the outgoing course coordinator, and the incoming or new course coordinator. This section requires an agreement about how and when the handover process will occur.
 A Assessment Assessment is often considered to be the most critical aspect of a course. In this section assessment items for the course are listed; their purpose, due dates, and specifically what is being assessed should be included. There should be consideration given to the component of quality assessment practices.
 T Teaching Quality Quality matters.  A new course coordinator needs access to previous course evaluations and information should be provided about when and how the current offering of the course will be evaluated.
 T Timeline For a course to run smoothly there is a sequence of events that must occur and a number of items that need to be addressed. This section lists and identifies the dates of these key events
S Staff New course coordinators need to know the roles and functions of the key staff members. In this section staff members who are critical to the efficient running of the course should be listed.
S Students New coordinators may not have a clear understanding of the assumed knowledge for a course and what to expect of the students they will be teaching. In this section the expectations of students should be documented in terms of what they should already know and what they should be able to achieve.

(In this project ‘course’ refers to an unit of study within an academic ‘program’)

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